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Trinity Ladies Missions and Outreach





TUMC Lades have an annual "Friendship Tea."  We invite all area ladies to attend.  We always have a guest speaker.  In 2009 we invited Keith Hopper with the H.E.L.P Foundation.  H.E.L.P stands for Humanaitarian Efforts to Lesson Poverty in underprivileged children of the Philippines. 

One of the projects the foundation sponsors is the Great Project.  A donation of $40 buys one goat.  In 2011, we bought 3 goats and named them Lucky, Lucy and Lady.  

Another project we became involved with was purchasing their woven baskets.  We sold them as a money making project and now Encore Collectables and Antiques buys and sells them at their store here in Russell

They also make jewelry, brooms, decorative mats, purses, herbal medicines and clothing.






What is Prayers & Squares?  Prayers & Squares is an interfaith outreach ministry that combines the gift of a hand-tied quilt with the gift of prayer for someone in need.  the essence of this ministry is in the prayers offered for the recipient; it is not about the quilts.

What is a Prayer Quilt?  A prayer quilt is a quilt that is made with love and tied with prayers.

How did it begin?  It started in 1992 at Hope United Methodist Church in Rrancho Bernardo, California with no other purpose than to have fun making quilts together.  One member told about making a quilt while praying for a friend in a body cast.  The idea of prayer quilts grew from there.

Are there any special rules which we must adhere to?  There are, each new chapter must agree to follow the Prayer & Squares Three Commandments: Here in abbreviated form:

                       1.  Remember it's not about the quilt, its all about the prayers.

                       2.  The person must have agreed to accept the gift of prayer in the form of a quilt.

                       3.  No payment can ever be accepted for a prayer quilt.

Hows is the ministry supported?  It relies on donations and other fund raising events.  We purchase fabric, yarn, and pay for it from our Trinity Ladies treasury.  Some of our members buy yarn to match the quilt and/or buy and pay for fabic and donate it.  It is important to have prayer support of the congregation.

How do we decide who gets a Prayer Quilt?  Prayer quilts are given to those persons in physical, emotional, or spiritual crisis.