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A Letter To Our Students:

Dear Returning College Students and Seniors,

I hope things have gone well for you this school year!  Over the past years our church has built up a scholarship program through the generosity of many persons who believe in education.  The application and guidelines for some of those scholarships are listed below.  I would encourage you to apply.

 Scholarships which are available this year include the following:

  1. George and Vivian Baxter Memorial Scholarship.

  2. Paul and Bertha Havel Scholarship:  Preference will be given those pursuing at least a 4-year degree program.** (special application see below for instructions).

  3. Minnie, Ed and Fritz Strecker Scholarship:  Preference will be given those pursuing at least a 4-year degree program.** (special application see below for instructions).

  4.  Mark Munday Memorial Scholarship:  Preference will be given to those pursuing the field of music, petroleum engineering or geology.

  5.  Harry and Virginia Voth Memorial Scholarship.

If you fit one of the above categories, please indicate this on your application.  In addition, smaller scholarships will be awarded from the Trinity General Scholarship Fund.

Please read carefully the expectations we have of you in receiving an award and note the deadline for the application is  July 1.  Please contact the church office if you have any questions as soon as possible.

** A special application is needed for these two scholarships.  The requirements for these scholarships are the following:  Be a member of Trinity UMC, Russell, KS; Be active in youth and/or church activities at Trinity UMC; and a graduating High School Senior.  Please note: This special application must be complete.  They will not accept incomplete scholarship applications.



 General Trinity United Methodist Church Application    


   Havel Strecker Application


Scholarship Guidelines:


The V. Frankie & Reba M. New Scholarship Guidelines

The scholarship is to be awarded by Reba M. New and/or Jennifer Lynn Adams of Lawrence, Kansas.  Reba and/or Jennifer has the sole responsibility of selecting the recipient of the scholarship.   Trinity United Methodist Church Scholarship Committee will be responsible for continuing the scholarship in compliance with the following guidelines.

1.  This scholarship is to be maintained as a separate, distinctive award. 

2.  The first V. Frankie & Reba M. New Scholarship will be given annually in July.  

3.  An applicant may reapply, and a student may receive an award for more than one year. 

4.  For each year, the award will be 90% of the interest earned in the previous year (July 1 through June 30).  The other 10% will be reinvested.

5.  The first award will be made in July, 2005.

6.  The award will be a scholarship.  It is not to be repaid.

7.  Individuals may continue to contribute to the scholarship at any time.  The Reba M. New Memorial will be invested into this scholarship.

8.  Awards are for students who are currently attending or have been admitted for the coming school year to accredited universities, colleges, business colleges and trade or vocational schools.

9.  Awards are to students who are members or constituent members of Trinity United Methodist Church.

10. Awards are for “merit.”  Merit may be in terms of academic scholarship, church involvement, financial need, special vocational preparation for ministry or other service, or a combination of these factors as determined by Reba M. New and/or Jennifer L. Adams or the Scholarship Committee.

11. Applications must be received by June 1.  The scholarship will be presented to the recipient at the church service on the last Sunday in July.  The recipient or a representative must be present to accept the award.

12. Whenever possible the award will be made so as not to displace any other aid to which the student may be entitled.

13. Reba M. New and/or Jennifer L. Adams or the Scholarship Committee may choose to make awards to more than one student in a single year.  


Paul J. & Bertha M. Havel Scholarship or Minnie, Ed and Fritz Strecker Scholarship

The purpose of these scholarships is to assist students furthering their education following high school graduation.  All applicants meeting the requirements listed below will be considered without regard to age, sex or race.  All information received will be kept confidential. 

The Scholarship Committee of Trinity United Methodist Church will be responsible for disseminating scholarship information and forms, reviewing all applications and verifying the information submitted.  Descendents of the Havel's and the Strecker's will make the final selection.

The Scholarship Committee will be notified of the selection.


Applicant must:

     1.  Be a member of Trinity United Methodist Church, Russell, Kansas. 

     2.  Be active in youth and/or church activities at Trinity United Methodist Church.

     3.  Have graduated from high school.


Applicant must submit:

  1. Completed Application form along with statement describing educational goals.

  2. Copy of High School transcripts and other transcripts as appropriate

  3. Recommendation forms from:

    1. Pastor

    2. Principal and/or Counselor

    3. Person(s) of applicant's choice (if reapplying, must be a current reference.  See next statement.)

NOTE TO APPLICANT:  Each applicant is expected to provide all the 'Information Required' as listed above.  Omission of any information will eliminate you being considered for either of these applications.