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Standing on the promises



By Connie Blanke on 2/19/2012 3:55 PM
By Water and the Spirit



For those of you reading on line some activities may not be as fun by yourself as they are in the class!!  But play along you might even laugh at yourself and learn something!


Pour from clear pitcher water into a basin, think about the following:


What words or images come to mind when you think about water? 

(write them down)


Now let’s look at how God uses water.


Exploring God’s covenant with Noah

Genesis 9:8-17


As we read Noah’s story put yourself in the story, imagine yourself on the ark.


Now, “Imagine yourself in a favorite outdoor location, perhaps at a beach or on a mountain, or standing in a field or hiking through a forest.  Stop and appreciate God’s handiwork.  What do you see, hear, or smell?  (pause)  Suddenly you feel raindrops, but you decide to stay outdoors.  The shower continues, but the sun is soon shining.  In the distance, you see a rainbow. ...