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Thoughts for Parents:  The young life that is your child, given to you by God and placed in your care... what a joy-filled responsibility.  From infancy your child looks to you with eyes of trust, knowing you will meet physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. Take a few moments each day to forget the worries of the world around you to concentrate on the world of you and your  child. Look into your child's eyes. Smile. Laugh. Play. Pray. Be there. God has given you these moments.  Be thankful!!

Read Psalm 100.

Prayer for Parents:  Gracious God, giver and sustainer of life. I am so grateful for your love made manifest to me in this child.  I seek your guidance as I endeavor to love and nurture (name of child) in faith.  Strengthen me for the task ahead. Give me your wisdom and the peace of your Presence as I prepare to answer questions and respond to my child's needs. I pray in the name of Jesus, your Son and my Savior. Amen. 

Parent Prayer for Child:   Dear God, thank you for the wonder and delight that come through my child. What a joy to watch (child's name) discover a new world.  In the safety and security of a loving family, learning and exploration come with every waking moment. Help me provide the safety and acceptance (child's name) needs to grow in your love. Help me appreciate my child's dependence on me knowing that (child's name) is Your precious gift.  In the name of your Son my Savior, Jesus, I pray. Amen.